Statues in Capitol Square

Statues honoring a variety of Virginians have been erected in Capitol Square since 1858, when the George Washington Equestrian Monument was unveiled.

Below are present-day views of the many outdoor statues:


Governor William "Extra Billy" Smith

Unveiled May 30, 1906


General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson

Unveiled October 26, 1875



Dr. Hunter Holmes McGuire

Unveiled January 7, 1904


Edgar Allan Poe


Harry Flood Byrd, Sr., Governor (1926-30) and U.S. Senator (1933-65)


Zero Milestone (for measuring highway distances from Richmond)


Houdon's Statue of George Washington in the Capitol Rotunda (May 1, 2007)


Invitation to Unveiling of the bust of President Woodrow Wilson, November 17, 1931


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