Capitol Square

The State Capitol Building sits amid a park known as Capitol Square.  Some of the structures and points of interest in Capitol Square are:

bulletGovernor's Mansion (1813)
bulletFence Surrounding Capitol Square
bulletBell Tower (1824)
bulletEquestrian Statue of George Washington (1858)
bulletOld Finance Building (formerly the State Library) (1893)
bulletWashington Building (1924)
bulletZero Milestone
bulletWater Fountains
bulletStatue of Gen. Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson (1875)
bulletStatue of Gov. William "Extra Billy" Smith
bulletStatue of Dr. Hunter McGuire
bulletStatue of Edgar Allan Poe
bulletStatue of Harry Flood Byrd, Sr. (1976)
bulletColgate Darden Memorial Garden (1983) (see below)
bulletNew Visitor's Center Entrance (under construction 2004-07)
bullet"Warming Machine" or Buzaglo Stove (1770) (now in Williamsburg)


Colgate Darden Memorial Garden

The Colgate Darden Memorial Garden encompasses the area formerly known as Capitol Street, adjacent to the northeastern side of Capitol Square.  The street ran from Ninth Street on the west to Governor Street on the east (3 blocks), parallel to Broad Street.  Closing the street gave legislators and visitors a walkway between the General Assembly Building (on Ninth) and the Capitol.

Dedication Program, November 11, 1983 (click on page to view larger image)

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Below is the current day view of the Colgate Darden Memorial Garden, looking east along the former Capitol Street:

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